Recent theses (Computational Mathematics)

List of the PhD theses prepared within the Computational Mathematics Curriculum in the last years.
(The name of the supervisor is enclosed in brackets. Most of the theses can be downloaded from PaDUA@research, the Digital Archive of the University of Padova: just click on the thesis' title).

XXX Cycle

  • Enrico Facca, Biologically inspired formulation of optimal transport problems (Mario Putti)
  • Lucio Fiorin, Essays on Quantization in Financial Mathematics (Martino Grasselli)
  • Martin Huska, Variational Methods and Numerical Algorithms for Geometry Processing (Serena Morigi)
  • Daniele Tovazzi, Self-sustained periodic behaviors in interacting systems: macroscopic limits and fluctuations (Paolo Dai Prà)

XXIX Cycle

  • Luisa Andreis, McKeen-Vlasov limits, propagation of chaos, and long-time behavior of some mean-field interacting particle systems (Paolo Dai Prà)
  • Veronica Dal Sasso, A branch-and-price approach for Pure Parsimony haplotyping (Luigi De Giovanni)
  • Elena Morotti, Reconstruction of 3D X-ray tomographic images from sparse data with TV-based methods (Elena Loli Piccolomini)



XXVI Cycle

XXV Cycle

XXIV Cycle


XXII Cycle

XXI Cycle

XX Cycle