The curriculum in Mathematics includes Algebra, Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Logic, and Mathematical Physics. Research within these subject may concern in particular:

  • Additive and triangulated Cathegories;
  • Representation and Group theory, Lie theory;
  • Asymptotic and probabilistic Group theory;
  • Calculus of variations, Geometric measure theory, Geometric Analysis, Sub-Riemannian geometry;
  • Deterministic and Stochastic Control theory and Differential Games;
  • Partial Differential Equations, linear (spectral theory) and nonlinear (motivated either by geometry or by control problems);
  • Algebraic and Complex Analysis;
  • Celestial Mechanics and KAM theory;
  • Hamiltonian systems;
  • Algebraic Geometry, arithmetic of elliptic curves and modular forms;
  • Number Theory;
  • Foundations of Logic.

The curriculum in Computational Mathematics includes Mathematical Finance, Numerical Analysis, Optimization, and Probability. Research within these subject may concern in particular:

  • Stochastic methods for Finance;
  • Stochastic models in Statistical Physics;
  • Integer programming and combinatorial optimization, Nonlinear programming and mixed integer nonlinear programming, methods for large dimensional problems;
  • Models for the optimal management of limited resources;
  • Methods of numerical approximation for differential and integral equations, extrapolation methods;
  • Numerical methods for image processing;
  • Numerical linear and nonlinear algebra and applications, numerical software. 

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