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General Information

The PhD program in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Padova offers two curricula of studies prospective students must choose from: Mathematics and Computational Mathematics. The disciplines covered in the two curricula include Algebra, Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Logic, Mathematical Physics, for the former, and Mathematical Finance, Numerical Analysis, Optimization, Probability, for the latter.

The program typically consists of 3 years of study and research. During the first year, which begins on October 1st, students are required to complete a certain number courses offered by the PhD program (click here for the list offered in the current academic year and here for previous years); or by other qualified institutions, after agreement with the director of the program. Within the first three months from enrollment, together with the Faculty Board, students choose a research project under the supervision of one (or more) members of the Department of Mathematics.

All students are encouraged to spend a period of study and research abroad during their three years in the program, for up to a maximum of 18 months.

At the end of the three years, students must write and defend a PhD thesis. The thesis will be evaluated by external referees, who may suggest revisions. After revision, the thesis will be defended in front of an examination committee appointed by the Faculty Board. Typically, the defense takes place between three and six months from the end of the third year. Theses are usually written in English.

Enrolled students will enjoy the vibrant scientific and academic life of the department. They will be given complete access to the departmental structures (library, computing facilities, parking, etc.) and a personal desk in a shared office, in addition to the standard benefits provided by the PhD School of the University of Padova.

For a description of courses, duties, seminar activities, research topics, see the relevant menu items on the left. 

Other information may be found on the web page of the PhD School of the University of Padova



The number of students admitted to the School varies from year to year. Usually, it is between 8 and 12.

Eligible candidates must hold a master's degree, or acquire it at a specific deadline, typically before the beginning of the academic year.

The application period may vary from year to year, and is usually in Spring. The call remains open for about 30 days. If you are interested, keep an eye on the Admissions page of the Doctoral Schools of the University of Padova. Applications must be submitted through a centralized online procedure.

Students are evaluated based on academic qualifications and research potential, often testified by support letters. The final ranking for the admission is usually published in early August. Winning applicants (with or without funding) must enroll in accordance with the times and procedures communicated together with the final ranking.



Each academic year approximately 8-12 scholarships are offered by the University of Padova, the European Commission (via grants, Research Networks, Algant Network, etc), and private institutions, such as the Cariparo Foundation.

The scholarships include a stipend for three years. The annual gross salary of those funded by the University is currently a little bit over 15000 Euro. The salary can be increased up to 50% for a maximum of 18 months of research abroad. Other benefits depend on the type of scholarships or grant.


Other grants

Enrolled students may apply to grants for additional funding for specific activities. More information can be found at Contribuzione, borse di studio e opportunità dottorati (in Italian) or Phd Courses: fees, grants and benefits (in English)