Courses 2020-2021

Catalogue of the Courses

Courses of the Doctoral Program:    

  1. Proff. Giorgia Callegaro, Marco Formentin, Tiziano Vargiolu, Numerical Methods in Probability   click to enroll
  2. Prof. Francesco Fassò, Lie Groups and Symmetry     click to enroll
  3. Prof. Alfio Quarteroni, Prof. Luca Dedé, Prof. Christian Vergara, Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of the Human Cardiovascular System    click to enroll
  4. Prof. Franco Rampazzo, An introduction to Optimal Control Theory    click to enroll
  5. Prof.Orsola Tommasi, Introduction to moduli spaces    click to enroll

    Courses of the "Mathematics" area:

    1. Prof. Andrei Agrachev, Prof. Davide Barilari, Introduction to Subriemannian geometry    click to enroll
    2. Prof. Fabio Ancona, Prof. Massimiliano D. Rosini, Introduction to Hyperbolic Conservation Laws    click to enroll
    3. Prof. Moreno Andreatta, Prof. Emmanuel Amiot, D.ssa Greta Lanzarotto, Mathematics and Music: algebraic, categorical and Computational Methods in the Maths/Music Research (Part 1)     click to enroll
    4. Prof. Franck Jedrzejewski, Prof. Thomas Noll, Prof. Alexandre Popoff, Mathematics and Music: Algebraic, Categorical and Computational Methods in the Maths/Mmusic Research (Part 2)     click to enroll
    5. Prof. Giovanna Carnovale, Dott. Lleonard Rubio y Degrassi, Dott. Francesco Esposito, Nichols algebras    click to enroll
    6. Dr. Marco A. Cirant, Dr. Alessandro Goffi, Regularity theory for parabolic equations    click to enroll
    7. Prof. Piero D’Ancona, Introduction to Dispersive Equations     click to enroll
    8. Dr. Martino Garonzi, Maximal subgroups of the symmetric group    click to enroll
    9. Prof. Alexiey Karapetyants, Spaces and operators in complex analysis    click to enroll
    10. Prof. Remke Kloosterman, Rational points on varieties     click to enroll
    11. Prof. Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann, The Theory of the Defect and its Application to the Problem of Local Uniformization    click to enroll
    12. Prof. Marco Mazzucchelli, Introduction to Floer Homology    click to enroll
    13. Proff. Ernesto C. Mistretta, Stefano Urbinati, Positivity of Divisors and Vector Bundles in Algebraic Geometry      click to enroll
    14. Prof. Vincenzo Vespri, Campanato Spaces and their Application to Regularity of Solutions to PDEs    click to enroll
    15. Prof. Richad Vinter, Dynamic Optimization   POSTPONED IN AUTUMN 2021    click to enroll

    Courses of the "Computational Mathematics" area:

    1. Prof. Turgay Bayraktar, Pluri-Potential Theory and Zeros of Random Polynomials   POSTPONED TO THE NEXT YEAR
    2. Prof. Alessandra Buratto, Introduction to differential games    click to enroll
    3. Prof. Immanuel Bomze, Conic, especially copositive optimization    click to enroll
    4. Prof. Oleg Davydov, Meshless Finite Difference Methods    click to enroll
    5. Prof. Massimo Fornasier, Consensus based optimization on manifolds    click to enroll
    6. Prof. Archil Gulisashvili, Asymptotic analysis of stochastic volatility models  POSTPONED TO THE NEXT YEAR
    7. Prof. Antoine Jacquier, A smooth tour around rough models in finance (From data to stochastics to machine learning)   POSTPONED TO THE NEXT YEAR
    8. Prof. Sergei Levendorskii, Fourier-Laplace Transform and Wiener-Hopf Factorization in Finance, Economics and Insurance    click to enroll

    Soft Skills

    1. Maths information: retrieving, managing, evaluating, publishing  Poster   click to enroll
    2. Entrepreneurship and Technology-based Startups    click to enroll

    Courses in collaboration with the Doctoral School on “Information Engineering”

    1. Dr. Juan Jos´e Alcaraz Espìn,  Introduction to Reinforcement Learning    click to enroll
    2. Prof. Reza Arghandeh, Causal Inference for Complex Networks     click to enroll
    3. Prof. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Bayesian Machine Learning    click to enroll
    4. Prof. Lorenzo Finesso, Statistical Methods     click to enroll
    5. Prof. Fabio Marcuzzi, Computational Inverse Problems    click to enroll
    6. Prof. Gianluigi Pillonetto, Applied Functional Analysis and Machine Learning     click to enroll
    7. Prof. Domenico Salvagnin, Heuristics for Mathematical Optimization    click to enroll
    8. Prof. Andrea Serrani, Control of Multivariable Systems: A Geometric Approach    click to enroll
    9. Dr. Gian Antonio Susto, Elements of Deep Learning    click to enroll