Courses 2020-2021

This is a provisional and incomplete list of the courses scheduled for the next Academic Year

Courses of the Doctoral Program:

  1. Prof. Francesco Fassò, Lie Groups and Symmetry
  2. Prof. Franco Rampazzo, An introduction to Optimal Control Theory
  3. Prof.Orsola Tommasi, Introduction to moduli spaces

Courses of the "Computational Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Massimo Fornasier, Consensus based optimization on manifolds
  2. Prof. Oleg Davydov, Meshless Finite Difference Methods

Courses of the "Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Andrei Agrachev, Prof. Davide Barilari, Introduction to Subriemannian geometry
  2. Prof. Fabio Ancona, Prof. Massimiliano D. Rosini, Introduction to Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
  3. Prof. Piero D’Ancona, Introduction to Dispersive Equations

The complete list will be published by the beginning of the academic year.