Requirements for enrolled students



Within the first two years of enrollment (at least half of these requirements must be fulfilled within the first year) all students are required to pass exams relative to:

  • at least 2 among the courses named "Courses of the Program" (formerly called "Courses of the School")
  • other courses for a total completion of at least 56 additional course hours

chosen from the courses offered yearly by the Program (see the menu item Courses).

In motivated cases, with the approval of the Executive Board, students may take some of the courses from:

  • courses offered by the Master of Science in Mathematics  (the recommendation of these courses must be made by the supervisor and the amount of credits is decided by the Exectuive Board)
  • courses (with a final exam) offered by other institutions, summer schools and series of lectures devoted to young researchers. Acquisition of credits is subject to approval of the Executive Board.

Students are warmly encouraged to take more courses than the minimum required by these rules, and to commit themselves to follow regularly these courses, even if not for credits. At the end of each course the teacher will inform the Coordinator and the Secretary on the activities of the course and of the registered students.

Students must register to all courses of the PhD Program they plan to attend, independently of their intention to take the final exam or not. We recommend to register as early as possible, as courses may not be activated if the number of registered students is below a certain threshold. The link to the registration process is found in the page of the courses.



All students must attend the Colloquia of the Department and participate in the Graduate Seminar (“Seminario Dottorato”). They are also encouraged to attend the seminars of their research group.


Choice of the supervisor and research topic

By the end of the third month of the first year, students communicate the name of their supervisor of choice and together they prepare a research program to be submitted for approval to the Faculty Board. 


Yearly obligations

At the end of every academic year, students are asked to file a progress report on their activity, including course attendance, conference participation and presentations, articles written or under preparation, research advancements, etc. The deadline for the presentation of this report is decided by the Faculty Board.


Research abroad

Students are encouraged to spend research periods abroad. In agreement with their supervisors, students must submit a request to spend a research period abroad to the Faculty Board well in advance. An increase of the scholarship of up to 50% can be accorded to the student upon request.


Thesis completion

At the end of the three years, students must write and defend a PhD thesis. The thesis will be evaluated by external referees, who may suggest revisions. After revision, the thesis will be defended in front of an examination committee appointed by the Faculty Board. Typically, the defense takes place between three and six months from the end of the third year. Theses are usually written in English.


External students

Students from other institutions or PhD Programs of the University of Padova are welcome to attend the courses offered by the PhD Program in Mathematical Sciences, upon approval of the Faculty Board. For organizational reasons, we request all external participants to communicate their intention to the Secretary of the PhD Program as early as possible, and must register using the standard registration procedure.