Courses 2018/2019

Catalogue of the Courses


Courses of the Doctoral Program:

  1. Bruno Chiarellotto and Adrian Iovita, The Fundamental Group        Click to enroll
  2. Marco di Summa, Convex optimization and convexification techniques      Click to enroll
  3. Francesco Fassò, Lie Groups and Symmetry      Click to enroll
  4. Massimo Fornasier, Foundations of Data Analysis      Click to enroll
  5. Davide Vittone, Introduction to the theory of optimal Transportation      Click to enroll

Courses of the "Computational Mathematics" area:

  1. Nicholas Gabriel Andjiga, Introduction to Social Choice Theory        Click to enroll
  2. Cristina Campi and Davide Poggiali, An introduction to numerical approaches to reconstruction in medical imaging      Click to enroll
  3. Giorgio Ferrari and Tiziano Vargiolu, Optimal Stopping, Singular and Impulsive Stochastic Control and Applications in Economics and Finance      Click to enroll
  4. Prof. Jacek Gondzio, Computational Techniques in Modern Optimization: From Interior Point Methods
    to Big Data
              Click to enroll
  5. Prof. Leszek Plaskota, Approximation and complexity      Click to enroll
  6. Prof. Michael A. Slawinski, Mathematical Modeling: Forward and Inverse Problems in Seismology     Click to enroll

Courses of the "Mathematics" area:

  1. Fabio Ancona and Andrea Marson, Introduction to Hyperbolic Conservation Laws   CANCELED    
  2. Italo Capuzzo-Dolcetta, The Maximum Principle for Elliptic Equations      Click to enroll
  3. Prof. Pierre Cardaliaguet, Analysis on the space of measures      Lecture notes    Click to enroll
  4. Prof. Mama Foupouagnigni, On Differential Equations for Orthogonal Polynomials   Click to enroll
  5. Jean-Paul Gauthier, Motion Planning in the Subriemannian framework      Click to enroll
  6. Shingo Kamimoto, Gevrey asymptotics      Click to enroll
  7. Benjamin Klopsch, Representation growth and zeta functions      Click to enroll
  8. Bao Viet Le Hung, Elliptic Curves and Modularity      Click to enroll
  9. Franco Rampazzo, Mathematical Theory of Control      Click to enroll

Courses in collaboration with the Doctoral School on "Information Engineering":

  1. Subhrakanti Dey, Distributed Optimization and Applications   click to enroll
  2. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Bayesian Machine Learning   click to enroll
  3. Deniz Gunduz, Introduction to Information Theory     Click to enroll
  4. Lorenzo Finesso, Statistical Methods    click to enroll
  5. Fabio Marcuzzi, Computational Inverse Problems    click to enroll
  6. Gianluigi Pillonetto, Applied Functional Analysis and Machine Learning    click to enroll
  7. Domenico Salvagnin, Heuristics for Mathematical Optimization    click to enroll
  8. Daniel Zelazo, Analysis and Control of Multi-Agent Systems    click to enroll

Other suggested Courses:

  1. Summer Courses in Perugia and Cortona - S.M.I.-Scuola Matematica Interuniversitaria
  2. Soft Skills Courses      List

Courses out of Catalogue:

  1. Simone Virili, Stable derivators with applications          click to enroll