Courses 2019/2020

Catalogue of the Courses


Courses of the Doctoral Program:

  1. Prof. Giancarlo Benettin, Prof. Carlangelo Liverani, Introduction to Ergodic Theory      click to enroll
  2. Prof. Bruno Chiarellotto, Prof. Matteo Longo, The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves     click to enroll
  3. Prof. Francesco Esposito, Introduction to Quantum Groups     click to enroll
  4. Prof. Markus Fischer, Stochastic Differential Equations and Applications     click to enroll
  5. Prof. Luca Martinazzi, Degree theory and applications to geometry and analysis     click to enroll

Courses of the "Computational Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Immanuel Bomze, Introduction to Conic Optimization     click to enroll
  2. Prof. Alessandra Buratto, Introduction to differential games     click to enroll
  3. Prof. Antoine Jacquier, A smooth tour around rough models in finance. (From data to stochastics
    to machine learning)
         click to enroll
  4. Prof. Sergei Levendorskii, Fourier-Laplace Transform and Wiener-Hopf Factorization in Finance,
    Economics and Insurance
         click to enroll
  5. Prof. Gianmarco Manzini, Introduction to the Virtual Element Method and to numerical methods
    for PDEs on unstructured polytopal meshes
         click to enroll
  6. Dott.ssa Elena Sartori, Modeling interacting agents in social sciences     click to enroll
  7. Dott. Francesco Tudisco, Eigenvector methods for learning from data on networks     click to enroll
  8. Prof. Tiziano Vargiolu, Topics in Stochastic Analysis     click to enroll

Courses of the "Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Andrei Agrachev, Prof. Davide Barilari, Introduction to Subriemannian geometry     click to enroll
  2. Prof. Fabio Ancona, Prof. Massimiliano D. Rosini, Introduction to Hyperbolic Conservation Laws     click to enroll
  3. Prof. Sara Daneri, Convex integration: from isometric embeddings to Euler and Navier Stokes
    equations     click to enroll
  4. Dott.ssa Federica Dragoni, PDEs and Hoermander vector fields       click to enroll
  5. Prof. Tom Graber, Intersection Theory in Algebraic Geometry     click to enroll
  6. Prof. Alexiey Karapetyants, Morrey-Campanato Spaces and classical operators     click to enroll
  7. Prof. Elena Mantovan, Introduction of Shimura Varieties     click to enroll
  8. Prof. Marco Mazzucchelli, Introduction to Floer Homology     click to enroll
  9. Prof. Vitaly Moroz, Positivity principles and decay of solutions in semilinear elliptic problems     click to enroll
  10. Prof. Ivan Penkov,  INdAM Visiting Professor, Topics in the representation theory of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras     click to enroll
  11. Prof. Leonid Positselki, Contramodules in tilting theory and applications to the Enochs conjecture     click to enroll
  12. Prof. Franco Rampazzo, Introduction to Optimal Control Theory     click to enroll
  13. Dott. Andrea Santi, An introduction to Supergravity in 11-dimensions     click to enroll

Soft Skills:

  1. Maths information: retrieving, managing, evaluating, publishing     click to enroll
  2. Brains meet Digital Enterprises  Digital Meet  October 22-27, 2019        click to enroll
  3. Entrepreneurship and Technology-based Startups         click to enroll

Courses in collaboration with the Doctoral School on "Information Engineering":

  1. Dr. Juan José Alcaraz Espín, Introduction to Reinforcement Learning        click to enroll
  2. Prof. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Bayesian Machine Learning       click to enroll
  3. Prof. Deniz Gunduz, Introduction to Information Theory        click to enroll
  4. Prof. Lorenzo Finesso, Statistical Methods       click to enroll
  5. Prof. Fabio Marcuzzi, Computational Inverse Problems        click to enroll
  6. Prof. Gianluigi Pillonetto, Applied Functional Analysis and Machine Learning        click to enroll
  7. Prof. Domenico Salvagnin, Heuristic for Mathematical Optimization        click to enroll
  8. Prof. Andrea Serrani, Control of Multivariable Systems: A Geometric Approach        click to enroll
  9. Dr. Gian Antonio Susto, Elements of Deep Learning        click to enroll

Other suggested Courses:


Courses out of Catalogue:

  1. Johannes Ruf, Kostas Kardaras, Stochastic Portfolio and Arbitrage Theory          click to enroll