Courses Registration 2015/2016

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Courses of the School:

  1. Prof.Claude Brezinski
    New trends in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
  2. Proff. Laura Caravenna, Carlotta Donadello
    Hyperbolic PDES: a (locally smooth) introduction
  3. Prof. Giovanna Carnovale
    Lie Algebras
  4. Prof. Bruno Chiarellotto
    The fundamental Group in its different realizations
  5. Proff. Paolo Dai Pra, Markus Fischer
    Mean field models, propagation of chaos and Applications

Courses of the "Computational Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Raphael Cerf
  2. Prof. Michele Conforti
    Convex polytopes
  3. Prof. Carles Rovira Escofet
    Epidemic stochastic models
  4. Prof. Johannes Ruf
    Local martingales and the martingale property
  5. Prof. Erik Schlogl
  6. Prof. Tiziano Vargiolu
    Topics in Stochastic Analysis
  7. Prof. Marino Zennaro
    Numerical methods for Ordinary Differential Equations

Courses of the "Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Tomoyuki Abe
    Arithmetic D-modules
  2. Prof. Victor I. Burenkov
    Spectral stability of differential operators
  3. Prof. Giovanna Carnovale
    Representation Theory of Groups
  4. Prof. Andrea D'Agnolo
    Topology 2
  5. Prof. Christos Efthymiopoulos
    Applications of Canonical Perturbation Theory in Dynamical Astronomy
  6. Prof. Vladimir Mityushev
    Traditional and invisible composites: R-linear problem and its applications
  7. Prof. Simone Virili
    Selected Topics In Homological Algebra

Courses in collaboration with the Doctoral School on "Information Engineering":

  1. Proff. Tobias Damm, Michael Karow
    Applied Linear Algebra
  2. Prof. Subhrakanti Dey
    Random Graphs and Stochastic Geometry in Networks
  3. Prof. Paolo Favaro
    Inverse Problems in Imaging
  4. Prof. Lorenzo Finesso
    Statistical methods
  5. Prof. Fabio Marcuzzi
    Computational Inverse Problems
  6. Prof. Morten Gram Pedersen
    Mathematical modeling of cell Biology
  7. Prof. Gianluigi Pillonetto
    Applied Functional Analysis and Machine Learning
  8. Prof. Francesco Ticozzi
    Quantum Statistical Dynamics and Control