Courses Registration 2014

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Courses of the School:
  1. Proff. David Barbato, Paolo Dai Pra
    Random perturbation of differential equations
  2. Proff. Marco Di Summa, Samuele Fiorini
    Geometric approaches to optimization
  3. Proff. Marino Zennaro, Rossana Vermiglio
    Numerical methods for Ordinary Differential Equations
  4. Prof. Tullio Vardanega
    Principles of Cloud Computing
  5. Prof. Martino Bardi
    Introduction to Hamilton-Jacobi equations
Courses of the "Computational Mathematics" area:
  1. Prof. Stefano Maset
    Introduction to Delay Differential Equations
  2. Prof. James Nagy
    Computational Methods for Inverse Problems and Applications
  3. Prof. Tiziano Vargiolu
    Topics in Stochastic Analysis
  4. Proff. Rossana Vermiglio, Dimitri Breda
    Numerical stability of dynamical systems described by delay differential equations
  5. Proff. Nicole El Karoui, Monique Jeanblanc, Giorgia Callegaro
    Recent advances in Finance and Stochastics
  6. Dott. Francesco Rinaldi, Dott. Giovanni Fasano
    Nonlinear optimization: Derivative-free methods
Courses of the "Mathematics" area: t.b.a.
  1. Prof. Pablo Spiga
    On the O'Nan-Scott theorem in its applications
  2. Prof. Luigi Salce
    A soft introduction to algebraic entropy
  3. Proff. Giancarlo Benettin, Antonio Ponno, Boris Dubrovin
    Nonlinear wave equations and applications
  4. Prof. Francesco Maddalena
    Calculus of Variations with applications to Materials Science
  5. Proff. Francesco Baldassarri, Alessandra Bertapelle, Carla Novelli
    Tropical Geometry
  6. Prof. Francesco Bottacin
    Differential and Riemannian Geometry
Courses of the "Computer Science" area:
  1. Prof. Mauro Conti
    Privacy and security for mobile cooperative devices
  2. Prof. Gilberto Filè
    Definite clauses applied to security
  3. Dr. Umberto Grandi
    Logical Frameworks for Multiagent Aggregation
  4. Prof. Claudio Palazzi
    Networking issues and solutions in online games
  5. Prof. Maria Silvia Pini
    Preference reasoning in computational social choice and in Decision Support Systems
  6. Prof. Vijay Saraswat
    Resilient, Parallel, Big Data Application Frameworks in X10
Courses in collaboration with the Doctoral School on "Information Engineering":
  1. Prof. Gianluigi Pillonetto
    Applied Functional Analysis
  2. Prof. Giorgio Picci
    Applied Linear Algebra
  3. Prof. Fabio Marcuzzi
    Computational Inverse Problems
  4. Prof. Nicola Laurenti
    Information theoretic Methods in Security
  5. Prof. Morten Gram Pedersen
    Mathematical modeling of cell Biology
  6. Prof. Subhrakanti Dey
    Random Graphs and Stochastic Geometry in Networks
  7. Prof. Lorenzo Finesso
    Statistical methods