To be admitted in the Doctoral School of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Padova, all students must follow a common procedure with all the other Doctoral Schools of the University of Padova, by using an online procedure.

The call is published usually after the second half of August and the deadline is in the first week of October.
The final ranking for the admission is usually published after half of November.
Winning applicants (with or without funding) must enrol in accordance with the times and procedures published with the final rankings.
The courses of the School of Mathematical Science start on January.

For more complete information about the procedure and the rules for the admission, see the following pages

The University of Padova, through funding from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, offers also research fellowships for foreign students (non Italian) to attend Doctoral Schools. During the 3-year doctorate programme, successful candidates are entitled to full board and lodging.
The deadline for the application for CaRiPaRo Scholarships is usually end of August / start of September.

For further information please write to the director of the School Paolo Dai Pra specifying the subject "Cariparo for foreigners".
Other information can be also found at