Courses Registration 2017/2018

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Courses of the School:

  1. Prof. Giovanni Alberti
    Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory
  2. Prof. Giovanni Colombo
    An introduction to set-valued analysis and control theory
  3. Prof. Alberto Facchini
    Module Categories
  4. Prof. Lothar Reichel
    Numerical Linear Algebra for Ill-Posed Problems
  5. Prof. Paolo Rossi
    Moduli spaces of curves and integrable systems of PDEs

Courses of the "Computational Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Paolo Dai Pra, Dott. Marco Formentin
    Basics in stochastic simulation
  2. Dott. Luigi De Giovanni, Prof. Marco di Summa
    Optimization methods for large-scale problems
  3. Prof. Massimo Fornasier
    Mean-field control and new types of games
  4. Prof. Jacek Gondzio
    Interior Point Methods for Very Large Scale Optimization
  5. Prof. Leszek Plaskota
    Approximation and complexity
  6. Prof. Tiziano Vargiolu
    Topics in Stochastic Analysis

Courses of the "Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Cristina Acciarri
    On Lie ring methods in group theory
  2. Dott. Annalisa Cesaroni, Dott. Marco A. Cirant
    Variational Mean Field Games
  3. Prof. Massimo Fornasier
    Mean-field control and new types of games
  4. Dott. Laetitia Giraldi, Dott. Marta Zoppello
    Geometric Control Theory And Self-Propulsion In Fluids
  5. Prof. Marco Hien, Prof. Claude Sabbah
    Introduction to Stokes structures for irregular singularities
  6. Prof. Luc Illusie
    Revisiting the de Rham-Witt complex
  7. Prof. Alexey Karapetyants
    Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics
  8. Prof. Remke Kloosterman
    Compact complex surfaces
  9. Prof. Leonid Positselski
    Contramodules and their applications in commutative algebra
  10. Prof. Laura Spinolo
    Introduzione alle leggi di conservazione
  11. Prof. Jean-Baptiste Teyssier
    Linear differential equations and Stokes structure

Courses in collaboration with the Doctoral School on "Information Engineering":

  1. Prof. Ruggero Carli et al.
    Model Predictive Control
  2. Prof. Fernando De Teran, Prof. Michael Karow
    Applied Linear Algebra
  3. Prof. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio
    Bayesian Machine Learning
  4. Prof. Lorenzo Finesso
    Statistical methods
  5. Prof. Fabio Marcuzzi
    Computational Inverse Problems
  6. Prof. Gianluigi Pillonetto
    Applied Functional Analysis and Machine Learning

Other suggested Courses:

  1. Prof. J. Grilli, Prof. A. Maritan, Prof. S. Suweis
    Advanced topics in stochastic processes
  2. Summer School on Mathematics in Imaging Science
  3. Summer Courses in Perugia and Cortona