Courses 2016/2017


Catalogue of the courses

The courses offered, for the year 2017, to the Graduate Students in Mathematical
Sciences include courses taught by internationally recognized external researchers, who
have accepted our invitation; such courses will not necessarily be offered again in the
future years. Considering the wide impact of the content of theses courses, we emphasize
the important for all graduate students to follow them.
The Faculty of the Graduate School could cancel courses with an excessively low number
of registered students.
Also next year, beside the courses that our Doctoral Course directly offers, we have
selected some courses of the Graduate School in Information Engineering of the
University of Padova that we consider relevant also for our Course.


Requirements for graduate students
With the advice of some Faculty member, all students are required to select some courses,
either because they are linked with the curriculum of their present or planned research, or
just to improve their knowledge of specific subject.
This year, considering the fact that courses may vary in duration, we have decided to
indicate a mandatory minimum numbers of hour.
Therefore, students are required, within the first two years (a half of the requirements
within the first year), to follow and pass the exam of

  • At least 2 courses of the PhD Programme
  • other courses, in addition to the two above, in two curricula (Computational
    Mathematics or Mathematics) or of the Doctoral Course, with total commitment of at
    least 64 hours.

Students are encouraged to register for other courses; although to sit for the exam is not
required for these courses, it is strongly advised. In all cases, students must participate
with regularity to the activities of the courses they are registered to. At the end of the
course the teacher will inform the Coordinators of the Curricula on the activities of the
course and of the registered students.


Institutional courses for Master of Science in "Mathematics"
Students have the possibility to attend, with acquisition of credits, the courses of the
Master of Science in Mathematics.
The interest for these courses must be indicated by the Supervisor or a tutor. The Council
will assign the number of hours that will be computed within the mandatory 64 hours.


Courses attended in other Universities
Students are allowed to take Ph.D. courses offered by PhD Programmes of other
Universities. Acquisition of credits will be subject to approval of the Council.


How to register to courses
The online registration to courses has changed from last years, and allows students both
to register and to cancel.
The registration is required for the attendance to all courses, independently of the intention
to sit for the exam. The list of the courses can be found in the website of the Doctoral
Course at the link Courses Registration (or directly at the
address, filling the online registration form
with all required data, and validating with the command “Register”.
To acknowledge the registration, an email message will be sent to the address indicated in
the registration form; this email message must be saved, since it is necessary for possible

Registration for a course implies the agreement of the applicant to the participation.
Requests of cancellation to a course must be submitted in a timely manner, and at least
one month before the course (except those that begin in January and February) using
the link indicated in the email message of acknowledgment.


Requirements for participants not enrolled in the graduate school of mathematics
The courses in the catalog, although part of activities in the Graduate School in
Mathematics and thus offered to its students, are also open to all students, graduate
students and researchers of all Graduate Schools and other universities.
For reasons of organization, external participants are required to indicate their wish to
participate at least two months before the beginning of the course for courses
taking place from January 2017 and as soon as possible for courses that take place
until December 2016, following the procedure described in the preceding paragraph.
Possible cancellation to courses must also be notified.