List of the 2016/2017 courses


List of courses

Courses of the School:

  1. Prof. Martino Bardi, Prof. Yves Achdou
    Partial Differential Equations and Dynamic Games
  2. Prof. Bruno Chiarellotto
    Introduction to GAGA type theorems
  3. Prof. Alexandre Gaudilliére
    Covering trees: alea and application

Courses of the "Computational Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Claude Brezinski
    New trends in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
  2. Prof. Michele Conforti
    Integer Programming and Lattices
  3. Prof. Constantinos Kardaras
    Growth optimality and recent applications to
  4. Prof. András Kroó
    Modern Aspects of Constructive Function Theory
  5. Dott.ssa Giorgia Callegaro, Dott. Lucio Fiorin, Dott. Daniele Marazzina
    Option Pricing: from Monte Carlo to Quantization
  6. Prof. Christoph Maas
    Selected topics from graph theory
  7. Dott. Francesco Tudisco
    Topics in spectral theory for network analysis
  8. Prof. Tiziano Vargiolu
    Topics in Stochastic Analysis
  9. Prof. Marino Zennaro
    Numerical methods for Ordinary Differential Equations

Courses of the "Mathematics" area:

  1. Prof. Giovanna Carnovale
    Lie Algebras
  2. Prof. Giovanna Carnovale
    Representation Theory of Groups
  3. Prof. Andrea D'Agnolo
    Topology 2
  4. Prof. Alexey Karapetyants
    Bergman spaces of analytic functions: from classical results to the new settings and ideas involving nonstandard behavior of function and symbols of operators
  5. Prof. Nicola Mazzari
    De Rham Cohomology
  6. Prof. Gabriella Pinzari
    The Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theorem and its applications to the N-body problem
  7. Prof. Luigi Salce
    A soft introduction to algebraic entropy
  8. Prof. Alfonso Sorrentino
    Weak KAM and Aubry-Mather Theory

Courses in collaboration with the Doctoral School on "Information Engineering":

  1. Prof. F. De Terán, Prof. Michael Karow
    Applied Linear Algebra
  2. Prof. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio
    Bayesian Machine Learning
  3. Prof. Lorenzo Finesso
    Statistical methods
  4. Prof. John Hauser
    Optimization and Optimal Control
  5. Prof. Fabio Marcuzzi
    Computational Inverse Problems
  6. Prof. Gianluigi Pillonetto
    Applied Functional Analysis and Machine Learning
  7. Prof. Rodolphe Sepulchre, Prof. Fulvio Forni
    Local Methods for Nonlinear Systems and Control