Metastability of the Ising model on random graphs at zero temperature

Wednesday 11 February 2015 h. 14:30, room 2BC30
Sander Dommers (Bologna, Dip. Mat.)
"Metastability of the Ising model on random graphs at zero temperature"

In this talk I will introduce a random graph model known as the configuration model. After this, I will discuss the Ising model, which is a model from statistical physics where a spin is assigned to each vertex in a graph and these spins tend to align, i.e., take the same value as their neighbors. It is especially interesting to study the Ising model on random graphs. I will discuss some properties of this model. In particular, I will talk about the dynamics and metastability in this model when the interaction strength goes to infinity. This corresponds to the zero temperature limit in physical terms.