General Information

The Doctoral School of Mathematical Sciences was founded in 2004 and the main activities are held at the Department of Mathematics. The school joins the doctoral programs in Mathematics and Computational Mathematics, traditionally present at the University of Padova, and from 2013, also the doctoral programs in Computer Science.

The school offers doctoral degrees in three areas: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Computer Science. The Degree in Computational Mathematics is held jointly with the Departments of Mathematics of the Universities of Bologna, Trieste and Udine. The two mathematical areas comprise a wide range of disciplines in which the department has a well-established international reputation, both in Pure and in Applied Mathematics.

The doctoral program has a duration of 3 years, and focuses on the following fields of research:

  1. Matematical Logic;
  2. Algebra;
  3. Geometry;
  4. General Mathematics;
  5. Mathematical Analysis;
  6. Mathematical Physics;
  7. Probability and Statistics;
  8. Numerical Analysis;
  9. Operations Research;
  10. Mathematical Methods for Economics and the Actuarial and Financial Sciences;
  11. Programming languages;
  12. Artificial Intelligence;
  13. Systems;

The number of students admitted to the School may vary from year to year. Some candidates may also be admitted to the program without a fellowship. Eligible candidates must hold a master's degree. At the end of the first and of the second year, the admission to the second and third year, respectively, is based on the review of the respective Area Council (Mathematics, Computational Mathematics or Computer Science).

All students are encouraged to spend a period of study and research abroad during their three years in the program, for up to a maximum of 18 months. At the end of the three years, students must write and defend a doctoral dissertation. The dissertation will be evaluated by the respective Area Council, by external referees, and by a doctoral committee to be appointed by the Directive Council under the advice of the respective Area Council. Dissertations may be written in English, Italian, or French.